Jason Boreyko: Thoughts on Positive Thinking

Jason Boreyko: Thoughts on Positive Thinking

How Positive Thinking Works: 3 Key Points to Help You Understand by Jason Boreyko

First off, Jason Boreyko would like to clarify that positive thinking isn’t a magic potion that will automatically eliminate all your problems, give you all the riches that you could ever imagine or a secret formula that could wipe out all the evils in the world in one swoop. Also, positive people are not immune to negative emotions like anger, hurt or fear.

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Jason Boreyko explains further…

Positive thinking helps you see the bigger picture

It can be summed up this way: “Positive people don’t sweat the small stuff.” There are things that are beyond your control such as how people react and respond to you, and being positive in a situation like this simply means you don’t let such ‘petty’ things get you down or ruin your day. Challenges may arise at any given day and being positive means you either try to find a solution or you let it go… and do your best to get it done anyway.

You know that everything is temporary, including negative situations, and with this kind of mindset, you forge on knowing that everything will fall into place eventually; all for your good.

You develop a happier disposition

Positive thinking is a habit, and just like any other habit, it takes a while to integrate it into your personality. And much like other habits, it has a corresponding effect. Positive people slowly begin to realize and notice that once they’ve learned to let go of the small stuff, they become genuinely happy. They notice all the good in their lives, big and small, and they begin to pay more attention to these. With much of their thoughts focused on the good, they no longer have room for negative things. What this means for a lot of people, says Jason Boreyko, is that they begin to slowly eliminate all the negative elements in their lives; especially toxic people and situations.

When once they thrived on the notion that misery loves company, now they begin to gravitate towards people who will uplift and support them, who are positive influences in their lives, and who are genuinely happy for them.

Like attracts like

Ever notice how, when you’re focused on everything that is wrong in your life, more of it shows up? Positive thinking has the same effect. As you begin to live a more positive life, you begin to attract like-minded people and you also begin to attract more positive situations. However, Jason Boreyko wants to clarify that being positive doesn’t mean negative things will never happen to you ever again. But the way positive thinking works is that you can always rise above whatever is trying to pull you down, as mentioned above.

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