Jason Boreyko Shares Tips on How to be Successful in Business

Jason Boreyko Shares Tips on How to be Successful in Business

Jason Boreyko Gives Advice and Tips on Achieving Success in Business

There have been thousands of books written about what you need to achieve success in business, and there are a thousand more stories and advice from entrepreneurs as well. Author and entrepreneur Jason Boreyko is one of those people who have cracked the key to a successful business. He shares his secrets as well as a few common traits that successful businesses and entrepreneurs have in common in his blog.

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Selling: The most important skill you can have.

According to Jason Boreyko, sales is the most important skill any entrepreneur can have. It is the foundation for success, and knowing how to sell and persuade people works very well, both in business and in life. Think about it: applying for a job, asking someone out on a date, applying for a bank loan, asking for a raise—these are all scenarios that require you to persuade people and sell yourself.

So if sales is the foundation for success, how do you succeed at selling? While there are a lot of strategies and techniques you can apply to be good at selling, Jason Boreyko says that most top businesses have these things in common:

Provide value.

While most entrepreneurs are good at selling and promoting themselves, high profits doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll enjoy long-term success. Jumping on the bandwagon and selling what’s popular at the moment can make you rich, but that won’t guarantee that your business will last for decades. You need to put your customers first by creating and providing value. One of Jason Boreyko’s heroes, top entrepreneur and Shark Tank mainstay, Kevin Harrington says that whatever you sell, manufacture, or create, you must do it with the consumer’s best interests at heart. Look for ways that you can improve their lives and deliver them, and your success will follow.

Be honest.

Nobody likes to deal with a scumbag. If you really want to succeed and keep customers coming back, give them the respect they deserve and be honest in doing business. Don’t make unrealistic claims or make promises you can’t keep. Instead of over-the-top self-promotion, publish user reviews and testimonials. Be gracious when receiving compliments, and address criticism in a helpful and respectful manner.

Follow the 80-20 Rule

Jason Boreyko says that many top businesses have reached their status by following the 80-20 Rule, which states that 80% of the results come from 20% of the efforts. And within the 20% of effort you put in, another 80-20 Rule applies; this means it’s crucial to find efforts that are producing the biggest results. It’s not about enduring 18 hours of work daily and working yourself to the bone, but being more productive and accomplishing more so you can scale out and grow your business.