Jason Boreyko Cooking Up the Perfect Sales Pitch: 3 Key Ingredients

Jason Boreyko Cooking Up the Perfect Sales Pitch: 3 Key Ingredients

3 Key Ingredients of a Perfect Sales Pitch by Jason Boreyko

Jason Boreyko has worn many different hats throughout his professional life, from network marketing expert to social media marketer, CEO, team builder, entrepreneur, and life coach. He also has vast knowledge and experience in sales management. If you’re struggling to make the perfect sales pitch or close deals, this post is for you. In here, Jason Boreyko shares tips on how to create the perfect sales pitch that will land you a deal more times than you could have ever expected.

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What are the key ingredients to creating the perfect sales pitch? Jason Boreyko breaks them down into the following three:

1. Know your prospect

If there’s one thing that will immediately turn off your prospective client, it’s delivering a technical sales pitch or a “templated pitch.” You might have already lost the client’s interest before getting halfway through your speech if you keep repeating the by-the-book pitch to every one of them. One of the things that can get you closer to sealing the deal, shares Jason Boreyko, is to get a little personal with your prospect. And by this, Jason means you should customize your pitch according to each specific client.

Now, this may seem difficult especially if you’ve never met the client before. The trick is to engage your client in conversation first. Do not immediately deliver your well-rehearsed pitch, Jason Boreyko reminds readers. Get to know your client a little bit better and then take mental notes of how you can tweak the pitch accordingly. For this, you’ll have to be mentally quick and alert.

2. Let the client talk

While you’re in the middle of your pitch, the client may have questions and what you want is to give them the floor, to ask their questions or even play the devil’s advocate (shooting down your product or questioning its importance). This is the perfect opportunity for you to change your client’s mind, says Jason Boreyko, so let them interrupt you.

You could also ask them if they have questions (before your pitch ends) so you can once again engage them in conversation. Understand that a sales pitch should never be a one-way monologue where you do all the talking, and the client does all the listening. This is your chance to highlight the value of your product or service without being pushy or sounding too “sales-y.”

3. Ask for feedback

For Jason Boreyko, a client’s feedback is a valuable source of information—information that can help you make your product or service better, or provide a more customized offering. Ask the client if they see value in your product or service with regard to enhancing their life. If they say they do see the value but they don’t know how they will be able to afford it, that’s your clue to tweak the offering to make it more affordable.

If they don’t see its value, ask what exactly it is they’re looking for or what they need. You could offer them another product or service, or again, you could tweak your offering to fit their needs.