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Jason Boreyko is the author of “Think It, Act It, Become It!” He is also experienced in the fields of network marketing, social media marketing, public speaking, team building, entrepreneurship, and sales management. At the age of five, Jason Boreyko was already helping his father with his network marketing endeavor. His father was a former Amway distributor and Jason often helped his dad pack boxes to get the products ready for clients and partners.

This was his first introduction to network marketing, and learning so much from his father, he was able to use the lessons from their father-son bonding moments to make it in network marketing as well. He is experienced in both the corporate side of the business as the owner and CEO of a top networking company, and as a top distributor for other companies.

While Jason is proud of what he has achieved in his professional life, he is most proud of his family. He is married to model, entrepreneur and author Tara Brooke Boreyko; and together, they are raising two beautiful children, Jaden and Skye.

For  Jason Boreyko, a healthy work-life balance is important to living a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life. On this note, readers can also expect tips and advice on health and wellness on this blog site. Jason’s goal for creating this website is primarily to help readers discover and achieve their highest potential while also working towards achieving a healthy work-life balance.

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